Top 5 things I’m looking forward to this summer at Walt Disney World

This summer I am beyond excited to get back to my second and true home. Walt Disney World! Here are some of the things that I’m am looking forward to this summer 2018!

5. Drinking around the world! (Flower and garden festival)

Even though it is not technically in the “summer” I will be spending my birthday in Walt Disney World. One thing that I will make sure to do, as a way to celebrate 25 years of life is by experiencing the joy, wonder and excitement of drinking and eating around the world showcase. As this will be my first time with the Flower and Garden festival I look forward to the new tastes, sounds and views from this festival!

4.Happily Ever After

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit, I listen to the “Happily Ever After” song by Jordan Fisher and Angie Keihauer weekly if not daily. “Ready to begin…let the wonder take hold….” Sorry, I got caught up. But seriously who doesn’t tear up when listening to that song, thinking about fireworks, childhood dreams, beautiful love stories and the magic that is the HAPPILY EVER AFTER FIREWORK SHOW! Featuring fan favorites such as Merida, Moana, Pirates of the Caribbean and everyone’s friend Genie. Even if I don’t start my day in he magic kingdom I’ll be sure to end it with Happily Ever After!

3. Wearing/Buying Mickey Ears

Now…there is nothing wrong with wearing Mickey Ears outside of a Disney park or resort. However I will say it is much more socially acceptable, in fact encouraged to display your ears loud and proud! Matching ears to outfits, Magic Bands, the park and my mood! The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to showcase my beautiful ears!

2. INCREDIBLES 2!!!!!!

Almost a second number 1. I am besides myself at the thought of another incredibles movie!! 14 YEARS, 14 YEARS, Disney makes a perfect movie got you for 14 YEARS!!!!! Disney, I love you, but why’d you make us wait so long. I am now going to be 25 when this sequel debuts and I will be just as invested and excited as when I was 11 and I saw the original in theaters. Not to mention the character photo ops 🙂


I may be getting ahead of myself, but from what I’ve seen so far I am beyond impressed with the imagineers. The slinky dog roller coaster looks like a fun, family friendly ride. But I am almost more excited for the chance to shrink down to “toy size” and have a ton of photo ops! Eating out of Andy’s lunchbox, posing with Rex! (My personal fave). And the characters!!! Which I’m sure will be ever present especially during the opening summer!

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